Saturday, November 13, 2010

Faces of Opportunity by Opportunity International Canada

Book Information
Opportunity International Canada. Faces of Opportunity. Canada: Opportunity International Canada, 2009.

My Review
In Faces of Opportunity, readers meet 20 successful entrepreneurs. These business owners funded their organizations using microloans from Opportunity International, a nonprofit organization that aids the working poor in 27 developing countries

The stories of the business owners in this small, thin book are very clear, concise, simple and powerful. Through their successes, some of these individuals have become leaders within their own communities. Facts on loans, international poverty and small businesses are sprinkled throughout the book. The beautiful pictures of the business owners deepen the links of understanding between the reader and the book. The stories are inspirational and encouraging.

My Notes
As part of a new work project, I have been updating a local tourism directory. Daily, I encounter news of small business closures. I am constantly reminded of the many needs and difficulties that challenge small businesses today. Reading this book was quite a morale boost for me. These successful entrepreneurs are more than faces of opportunity. They are faces of hope.

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