Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stand Straight, Ella Kate : The True Story of An American Giant by Kate Klise and M. Sarah Klise

My Summary
When you think of a giant, what comes to mind? Jack and his beanstalk? Fables? Fairy tales?

Ella Ewing (1872-1913) was a real American giant! By the age of thirteen, she was almost six feet tall. At seventeen, she was 8 feet tall. Being bigger wasn't always better, though, as many people were mean to Ella.

Take a walk in Ella's large shoes, and learn how she used her height to become famous, to travel, and to accomplish what many "normal" people from her time could not dream of.

My review
Through the illustrations, readers get a good sense of Ella's size, especially on the title page, where her head bends at the top beside a lamp shade so that her body can fit on the page. Also quite interesting are Ella's size-related facts on the inner cover pages of the book. Imagine having size 24 feet! An excellent beginner biography.

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