I Love Books

One of the six important areas (as identified by the American Library Association) to keep in mind while reading to your child is print motivation (I Love Books!)

What motivates a child to read? Seeing his/her parent reading. Visiting the public library and being able to choose a few books (with some guidance!). Having a special time to read and listen to someone special read each day. 


Setting aside time to share/read stories on a regular basis is important. Story time does not have to happen only before bed. It can happen at any time... If you take the subway or bus to/from your child's daycare, try taking a small picture book along for the ride. If you drive your child, try having your child tell you a story from a few pages in a picture book!

Looking for a great book for that storytime moment? Brooms Are For Flying by Michael Rex (2000) has a Halloween theme, and is wonderful for active toddlers and preschoolers who love to stomp, shake and stretch. Parents of infants can move the little one along with the storyline.

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