Friday, November 26, 2010

The Autobiography of the Queen: a novel by Emma Tennant

Book Information
Tennant, Emma. The Autobiography of the Queen. London: Arcadia Books Ltd, 2007.

My Summary and Review
The Queen escapes palace life and finds a seemingly restful getaway in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, her passport, money and luggage soon disappear. What should an undercover royal do in such circumstances, especially when her "rescuer" is a dubious neighbourhood rum shop owner?

The book is a must for anyone who enjoys reading about the royal family. Though the villain is obvious and the situations are outlandish, it is fun to see how the Queen faces each escalating problem with an aloof dignity and grace. Also enjoyable are the many miscommunications between the Queen and the rum shop owner, who thinks that she is just a "crazy old lady."

Read This Book?

Try The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett.

If you were Queen for a day, what would you do? Travel the world? Make a large donation to the charity of your choice? Take a trip to... the library? The LIBRARY! For a Queen, after all, reading is a luxury as she always busy with public duties...

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