Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drop Everything and Read Silently, at Camp!

I wanted to add this brief post:

Partnerships between libraries and camps (March Break or summer) can work wonders. Today, I led a Drop Everything and Read Silently session at my camp, and it was amazing. It was boy-heavy, so we had plenty of nonfiction and fiction choices (I never thought I would top 50 books out of the library at a time, and have been proven wrong). Needless too say, it was a real success. Kids browsed books quietly, or played a quiet game. They even had additional requests for me, which I filled tonight. I am really pleased with the way it ran. They behaved so well that they scored an additional gym time session with extra time added on.Tomorrow, there will be a few graphic novels and magazines.

So, if your library does not have a formal partnership with your town's camps, you may wish to consider this as an additional outreach opportunity.

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