Monday, October 4, 2010

Department Stores by Claire Masset

Department Stores by Claire Masset. Shire Publications, 2010.

For those who enjoy shopping, this is a slim history on the development of department stores in Britain. Readers can breezily flip through the many pages filled with historical photographs and early advertisements. To quote the famous Henry Selfridge, this book demonstrates that a department store is a "social centre, not a shop."

It now seems funny that Harrods, after installing its first escalator, offered smelling salts to help customers recover from the ride. How lifestyles have changed over the past hundred years! And what an enjoyable, colourful trip through the past!

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My Notes

Readers might get a good laugh from an early Harrods ad, proclaiming it to be one of the cheapest stores in town! I would like to add that the font size in this book is quite small.

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