Friday, August 6, 2010

The Black Dove by Steve Hockensmith

My summary/review:
As Otto, one of the main characters would say: "This book is a fun read OR, a great way to enjoy suspense and get a sense of 1890s Chinatown." Mystery fans will enjoy "The Black Dove", the third in the "Holmes on the Range" series by Edgar-award nominated author Steve Hockensmith. Otto and Gustav Amlingmyer are applying for detective work in 1890s San Francisco, after a disaster on the Southern Pacific Railroad ended their train detective careers. Even though they are more at home on a ranch than in the city, Gustav's abilities to "deducify" situations a la Sherlock Holmes have led them to apply for work at the world-renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency. When their friend from the Southern Pacific, Doctor Chan, dies mysteriously, the brothers enlist the help of their old friend, the persausive Diana Corvus, to hunt the killer down. Filled with plot twists and a surprisingly tragic ending, "The Black Dove" manages to be incredibly funny AND suspenseful!

My Notes:
Listening to this as an audiobook, readers get treated to a narrator who can do Western accents, as well as a surprisingly good voice for Diana.

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