Thursday, May 27, 2010

E-Readers, Kindles and Tablets, Oh My!

What current book blog does not have at least one posting on the new digital reading devices, including the E-Reader, the Kobo and the Kindle??

As I see it, there are different considerations to be made when purchasing an e-book device.

1) It reduces the amount of weight and space in your purse that a book would take. I originally thought that these would be unpleasant and eye-straining, but after using an E-reader once, I saw an immediate difference between the device and a computer screen. The device can also hold multiple books at a time.
2) It is very convenient -- with a few clicks and whirrs from the mouse and your computer, the book is right at your fingertips.
3) It can be considered accessible by multiple user groups, including individuals with vision impairments.

Asides from the cost of the device, I see that there is one disadvantage to the e-reader. The differences between e-book devices means that not all devices can support all e-books (i.e. a Kindle cannot download/store books of the same file type as a Sony E-Reader). 

 At this moment, I enjoy reading novels that are paperbacks or hardcovers. But I also enjoy the convenience of downloading books to my mp3 player and to my computer. I see that, in time, e-reading devices will join these as an equally valuable way to read and learn.

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