Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caring For Your Pet Bird: A Practical Hand book by David Alderton

Caring for Your Pet Bird: A Practical HandbookBook Information
Caring For Your Pet Bird: A Practical Handbook. By David Alderton. Southwater, 2009

My Summary/Review
Bird owners (and people planning to get their first bird) should look through Caring For Your Pet Bird: A Practical Handbook by David Alderton. Its glossy pages are filled with colourful photos, and with indepth information on all things bird-related.

Readers should note that this book focuses on budgies, canaries, finches and parrots in particular, and that the print size is small. In addition, this book is divded according to topic (such as aviaries, nutrition) and not according to the type of bird, so readers should consult other manuals as well.

From perches to speech training, this book is a worthwhile read for any owner needing more information than is provided in a basic guide.

My Notes

I picked this book up from the library as I own a large, talkative white English budgie named Jim. Some of his favourite sentences are "Good morning!" and "Hi! How are you?" I found the information on food particularly useful: I will offer fruit and vegetables such as carrots and celery on a more regular basis, since seeds do not provide a well-rounded diet.

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